Dungeon Siege

Dungeon Siege 3.0

Fight hordes of dangerous creatures in a mystical fantasy world

Dungeon Siege II is a sequel to 2002's popular Dungeon Siege. This role-playing game was developed by Gas Powered Games.
This second version reflects the hack'n'slash spirit of Dungeon Siege, with some modifications:
- Races available for the character are: humans, elves, dryades, semi-giants. It therefore leaves out the skeleton and the dwarf.
- Only one world for solo and multiplayer, and the number of players is limited to 4 or 6 players by the number of people involved.
- revised 3D engine.
- Management of characters with branches of competence in each skill category: distance combat, melee combat, natural magic and war magic.
- Spy Game Service: it provides a list of multiplayer under way games, and hosts characters files.

As it happened in the first part, every character improves his skill, as we make use of it, and becomes a real specialist in his field. The use of a certain skill also entails improving the attributes related. But in addition, when a character level rises, we may spend a point in the so-called special abilities that is beneath each of the four mentioned above.
These special abilities will improve the damage they will do to a particular weapon or the effectiveness of our magic, and we can spend as many points as we wish. In due time, certain special abilities can only be "learned" if we have a certain level in another, so it is not possible to be good at everything.

As for the visual aspect, there are several points which we must discuss. The presentation of the game consists of a section of static drawings which appear at different levels of zoom and a portion in the form of extremely spectacular cinematic sequence. During the game we will enjoy pre-rendered sequences, but we can also see other images generated by the engine of the game itself.

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